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Since 1997, Southwest Seas has taken its passion for aquariums and love for art to the next level. We are one of the largest and most reliable aquarium installation and service companies in Arizona.


All our aquariums are built to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also be educational. The fish that are placed in your tank will be treated like any other pet you may own. We do not believe they are disposable animals and will make sure they have the best environment to grow and thrive in through the years.

Founded In 1997

Aquarium Installation And Maintenance

The team at Southwest Seas installs aquariums throughout the U.S. and has about 200 monthly service accounts currently. Our extensive customer list consists of professional athletes, famous politicians, attorneys, doctors, prominent business owners, and upscale restaurant owners.


Owner Mark Parks and his team are always looking for new clients to create custom, eye-catching aquariums for. We will fuse your personal style and our unique take on nature to create a custom piece you won't find anywhere else.

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